Families Matter Photo Gallery

SEEC recognizes and appreciates the important role of family in the life of a person with a developmental disability. The picture gallery below is our way of honoring the strength, courage, and perserverance of SEEC parents, siblings, and extended family! Many of these pictures were submitted to us by family members of the people who receive our services. Thank you!


If your family member receives SEEC support and you would like to share pictures with us, please email Edwina Dowdie, Communications Specialist at edowdie@seeconline.org







Quotes from SEEC Families:

"Terry is one of the people who has influenced me most in life. Growing up with him as my older brother is what taught me to have extra patience, deep compassion, genuine sympathy, and to have an open mind at all times. My husband says that it was my relationship with Terry that helped him see who I was, and that I was the only one he wanted to marry. Although Terry can be challenging, spending time with him makes me happy. Terry not only has Downs Syndrome, but is also deaf. This makes communicating with him difficult, but we are apparently so good together, my friend Laura was sure that Terry could really hear. Terry and I go on Adventure Days, in which we always go out to eat, and some times we get pedicures, visit friends, or find something else to do. 
He means so much to me, and some people don't understand how he is a gift and not a burden. Terry has been a big part of making me who I am, and is certainly responsible for all of my good qualities."
- Jenny R.

"Milena and her brother Jan have always enjoyed fun times together. Milena is 5 years older than Jan. Jan participated in all of Milena's activities with Special Olympics. She visited him in college during his matriculation. Some places we traveled to in summer as a family were Southern Bohemia, Czech Republic, Copenhagen's Harbor in Denmark, Whister Mountain in British Columbia, Canada."


- Milena K.


Last updated 6/19/17