Current Employment Opportunities:

This page was last updated on April 27, 2017

Circle Support Staff

The Community Living Department in partnership with some of the people we support are looking to hire Circle Support Staff.  A Support staff plays a vital role in the day to day life of the person and his or her circle. This position requires person-center thinking, self-motivation, innovative, and strong relationship building skills. The right candidate will be a team player and strong advocate.  This position provides opportunity for personal and professional growth in leadership and team building.


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Community Specialist

SEEC’s Community Employment Network (CEN) provides work, learning, and recreational opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Focusing on each person’s individual goals, gifts, areas of interest, we customize schedules to support people within their communities every day.  We fully support employment as the first option for every person and dedicate ourselves to facilitating the rich opportunities and points of contact that help people form lasting relationships and achieve work and life dreams.  CEN seeks an energetic, person-focused professional to join us as a Community Specialist.  We are eager to bring onboard colleagues who share our commitment to empowering each person we support.  The ideal candidate is curious, willing to dig in and discover resources throughout the county; he or she is determined to get to know people, to engage them, and to respect the potential of every hour in a day.  SEEC professionals embrace lifelong learning and are provided opportunities to learn, mentor, create, and grow.   

Community Specialists are under the direction of their Team Coordinator.  Supporting a small caseload of 1-3 people, they work in tandem with team colleagues, and as a part of the broader CEN program throughout Montgomery County.

The position requires a minimum of three years’ experience supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, preferably in the community.  Work will take place in variable settings and workplaces, from outdoor locations, to offices, classrooms, and recreation facilities, to name a few.  Candidates must be able to work with people with a variety of support needs.  Must be able to bend, reach, and lift a minimum of 50 pounds.   


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Community Support Specialist

The Community Support Specialist is responsible for providing supports to people served by SEEC’s periodic but recurring community living services.  The supports provided will be those that are beneficial to each person and provided at the level of funding.  This position is responsible for assisting people to increase their experiences and confidences in community participation and membership including; interacting with other community members; meeting expectations as a good citizen; and engaging in giving and receiving relationships. The Community Support Specialist works in multiple settings that include the SEEC office, from home, and/or community sites where people receive supports.  The work settings change based on the person, staff, and work activities.  Therefore, the candidate must be adaptable to change and able to work in public, possibly noisy settings. Must have transportation to get to the varied settings.



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Discoveries Program Manager Assistant

The Program Manager Assistant is responsible for preparing, attending, and completing all necessary documentation related to the completion of 30 day and annual IPs. The Program Assistant is responsible for communicating with each person’s CCS, Program Manager, and family concerning any issues within the IP goals and outcomes. This position is also responsible for training, coaching, mentoring, and observing DSPs on the concept of person-centered supports and an personal outcomes approach. The Program Manager Assistant position requires a person with skills in person-centered assessment, with strong organizational skills and attention to detail. The ideal candidate must be able to build relationships, develop community connections, and is a self-starter. Minimum of 2 years of experience in relevant field with a BA/BS degree, knowledge of services for people with disabilities preferred. The position requires strong problem solving skills and a proficiency with Microsoft Word, Excel, Microsoft Outlook, and similar data bases.  Candidate must be able to work independently as well as in a team. This individual must possess positive, person-centered written and verbal communication skills. Must be flexible and willing to work nights and weekend.



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Employment Consultant

The Employment Consultant is responsible for participating in activities related to the support, coaching and sustainability of the former PS interns that were hired a host business, with the ultimate outcome of 100% sustainable employment of all interns.  Position is responsible for managing a caseload of persons who have been hired through the host business site(s) and other employers. Caseloads will be based upon the level of supports needed for each post-hire and may change as needed.  This position is responsible for supporting people at their respective job sites, providing job development, continued training, and assisting their caseload in achieving their individual goals. Additional responsibilities include managing all documentation for respective caseloads, working closely with post-hire site supervisors to identify additional opportunities for Post-Hires, and working collaboratively with on-site team to meet overall program goals. The position will have to self-manage their time and develop ongoing plans for their caseload to meet their respective goals.


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Workforce Development Job Coach

The Workforce Development  Job Coach is responsible for managing a caseload of up to 6 individuals. This position is responsible for supporting individuals on their respective work sites, and/or providing job development/job training, and assisting their caseload in achieving their individual goals. Additional responsibilities include managing all documentation for respective caseloads, as well as working closely with worksite supervisors to identify additional opportunities for the individuals. The position will work closely with Customized Employment Consultants overseeing the caseloads, and align their schedules with the work needs of the individuals. Job Coaches may also be required to provide job development supports outside of a worksite, and assist with classroom/career development activities.  Must have a deep understanding of Customized and Supported Employment, a proven track record of supporting an entire range of individuals, and be skilled at implementing IPs.


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